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General Questions About Gold
Wearing our gold jewelry in the shower will not harm the metal itself, however it can reduce the shine therefore it is not recommended. We also recommend that you keep away from harsh chemicals or anything that may scratch it. If you decide to shower with it, just wipe down your jewelry with a soft cloth after to keep it looking new and shiny.
The karat number of your jewelry indicates what proportion of it is made up of gold. Therefore, the most fundamental difference between 10-karat and 14-karat gold is in the amount of gold content. 14K gold jewelry is the standard for jewelry as it contains a great amount of gold and is resistant enough for everyday wear. 10K is also a great option because it is more affordable and offers greater resistance compared to the 14k.
When in doubt, the most accurate way to know if your gold is real is to take your item to a jeweler for appraisal, but there are several tests you can do at home to help you determine if your gold is real. For example checking for hallmarks and examining the piece to make sure the surface isn’t tarnished or discolored.
For the best results, take your jewelry to a professional jeweler to have your piece polished and cleaned with the proper tools. At home you can place your jewelry in a bowl full of warm water with a jewelry cleaner (basic dish soap is fine) for a couple of minutes. After that place your jewelry in clean water to rinse and proceed to carefully drying with a soft cloth.
Diamond cut refers to the finish on the metal. A satin finish will look smooth and plain whereas diamond cut will have small cuts and grooves which reflect the light and give pieces glisten as if it had diamonds set it.
Cubic Zirconias are a synthetic gemstone of zirconia that resembles diamonds.
Yellow is the natural color of gold. The only difference between the other different colors of gold are the metals which make up the alloys that pure gold is mixed with. For example rose gold will have more copper metal mixed and white gold will contain more silver metal in it.
No, because we offer a lifetime warranty with all of our products, we aim to give you the best quality of jewelry from the start.
Shipping & Orders
Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing and shipping of JD jewelry. If you are looking for an immediate turnaround please contact us in store for more options.
Yes, because our product is valuable we ask for signature upon delivery to guarantee that you will receive your order without a doubt.
No! We invite you to check out our store location in Phoenix Arizona. We have a very large selection of gold jewelry that updates weekly.
We do not offer refunds on our pieces. Our exchange policy only applies to defective or damaged pieces of jewelry, in which case you can exchange for the same piece or use the balance spent as credit towards another item.
Only one discount code can be honored at a time.
To find out out whether an item is in stock in store, you can contact us at 602-415-0781 or come visit in store at 3038 W Van Buren St Phoenix AZ 85301
Yes! The option to pick up your piece in person in store at 3038 W Van Buren St Phoenix AZ 85301 is also available.
We proudly offer a wide variety of custom work ranging from pistol grips to name plates. You can request a free quote by sending an email to our team of experts.
We do not require appointments, we would happy to see you in store any time during hours of operation.
No, we have a large selection of 14k and 10k gold in store that updates constantly. We hope to gradually get our most sought after pieces available online ASAP.
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